The ultimate link report checker

Link Hydra is a compact, practical and powerful backlink and pattern checker SEO tool which will free you from the need to do any manual link-checking.
It's like using an electric toothbrush - you'll never want to go back!

Featuring a powerful set of tools

Link Hydra is packed with features which will allow you to perform various tasks such as: check hundreds of backlinks in seconds, identify backlink page type, check PageRank, Alexa, OBLs... and tons more.

Genuine, professional support

Because we are confident in Link Hydra and because we take your business seriously, we offer direct support to both trial and full version license owners. Just write us and we'll reply within hours.

Main Link Hydra Features

  • 1-click saving of good DoFollow URLs with onpage PR to your master lists in any format you choose
  • Smart automatic backlink type determination (directory, social bookmark, blog, forum, article, and more...).
  • Checks all loaded URLs or custom subsets
  • Checks hundreds of backlinks in seconds
  • Smart 1-click importing and exporting of all common spreadsheets like XLS, XLSX, CSV, ODS etc
  • Can be run both on netbooks with low resolution and fullscreen with 1920x1200 or more
  • Up to 100 parallel checker threads
  • Retrieves anchor text for all found back links


Curious about Link Hydra? Check the interface screenshots below:

Proxies and settings
Master link lists
Link check results